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Customers are always the focus of our Attention

We listen to them with care and patience

Our 2020 Vision

& Mission

is all about our customers!


We stick to what we do best and that is developing world class software & applications.


We work and think different and not only out of the box, outside the square but above and beyond the cloud.


We want to bring change in the education industry and to become a lead player in doing that.

EDFORD – A Company with Education Vision

We treat each of our client as unique as we are, the one thing that they have in common is the desire for quality software and applications. We are confident in our ability to provide outstanding services to our clients and build a strong relationship, along with technical excellence across a specialised range for services.

We see every problem as an opportunity and working with our clients we make sure they develop this perspective. Technology challenges are the daily bread for our teams and business challenges the butter. Our aim is to anticipate and seek out toughest problems and solve them before they surface.

We bring the power of the cloud to our clients. It acts as a multiplier of technology and services thereby drastically reducing the overall cost. We started in the cloud and our client has advantage to grow with us and use the latest and greatest out there before any one else. Our technology strategists are committed to helping our customers seize the essential advantage.

Our thinking is our client’s thinking. We think like our customers and offer them products and services even before they realise that they need it. Companies that outperform the market like to work with us. We work closely with our clients to solve their toughest problems and also help them capture greatest opportunities.


Our clients are the centre of our focus & attention and this is embedded in our DNA (mission statement). Edford’s clients share our passion for results and it shows in their success. We create and deliver the essential advantage they need to survive and thrive in a changing world. Our ability to tailor our services to the business requirements is fundamental to our approach.

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