Our Story, From Us


Our company mission is all about our passion for offering customers the products & services for today and tomorrow..


We believe that quality should be built in from the start, delivered by default and not asked for by the Customer.


We firmly believe that the customer should only be asked for a fair price and all ancillary services should be part of that.

Our Story

Edford idea was born in 2013 and came into action with the formation of our company in 2014. We actioned this after seeing other companies offering overcharged product and services but delivering sub-standard products. Being disrupted in nature we particular are interested in bringing changes that include providing businesses with great IT products and services for a fair price. Our top five core team and work culture philosophy values are:

Be recognised for quality products and services, and inspire other to follow.

To create value and make a difference for our clients.

Outdo our and our clients’ expectations.

Deliver on time what we promise.

Be agile in all processes.

Read more about how we think about our customers and vision our future in Edford 2020 mission statement!

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